The Wonder Years: Volume Two
The New Directions
Released TBA
Length 12 tracks

The Wonder Years: Volume TwoEdit

The will contain songs from the episodes Rave On , Breaking Even and Original Me .


  1. Don't Stop Dancing --- Sofia Blair
  2. Llove --- Lana Menaz
  3. Fantasy ---Kayla Winter
  4. Into The Ocean ---- Dom Hughes
  5. Paper Gangsta ----Brandon Cole and Lana Menaz
  6. Stereo Hearts ---Sofia Blair and the Fusion Breakers
  7. Pumped Up Kicks ----Nick Pinto and the New Directions
  8. Ay Yo --- Stefano Underwood.
  9. San Francisco ----- Lana Menaz , Kayla Winter and the New Directions
  10. For Your Entertainment ----- Gabe Menaz and the Fusion Breakers
  11. I Wish ---- Sofia Blair
  12. Good Life ---- Blake Johnson

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