The Wonder Years: Volume One
The New Directions
Released TBA
Length 13 tracks

The Wonder Years: Volume OneEdit

This album will contain songs from episodes Meet The Wonder Years, Starkissed, Duets and Stronger.

Song ListEdit

  1. Welcome To My Life ---Dom Hughes
  2. I Say A Littler Prayer ---Michelle Marsdon
  3. Turning Tables ---Rose Phillips
  4. Walk On By ---Stefano Underwood
  5. Please Don't Go (Cry Baby) --- Lana Menaz
  6. Let It Rain ---Rucker McGregory
  7. We Found Love ---Abigail Lopez
  8. Bad Reputation --- Devlin Maxwell
  9. Blame It On The Boogie ---Lana Menaz and Kayla Winter
  10. It Will Rain ---Blake Johnson
  11. My Immortal ---Brandon Cole
  12. Movies ---Blake Johnson
  13. Your Song ---Devlin Maxwell