Stefano Underwood
Chad michael murray4
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: light hazel green
Address: Lima, OH
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Sexuality: Bi
Friends: Kayla Winter Lana Menaz Brandon Cole
Series Information
First appearance: Starkissed
Portrayer: user:Trae209

Stefano Underwood Edit

Stefano is portrayed by Trae209. His first appearance is in Starkissed.

History Edit

Stefano deals with problems with his sexuality. He's mostly outed to his friends but finds it hard to come out to his parents. His life hasn't been good for the past couple of years. His great grandmother died of pneumonia and she was the closest he ever had in his life. He's been devastated since then. He's single, and he tries everything just to get his first real kiss. He doesn't really knows what he wants in a relationship. Despite all of that, Stefano is mostly good in school, he's very talented. He can say what he feels and he'll have his anger modes once in a while. He considers himself "the neglected one" in school. He clearly thinks that no one ever pays attention to him in school. Stefano is mostly a R&B and Soft Rock fan, he loves listening to soul music, because he think that music like that shows meaning besides Rock and Pop music.

Personality Edit

Sweet, sensitive, supportive, friendly, a bit on the blushy and flirty side, and bipolar at times.

Sexuality Edit




Walk On By by Melanie Fiona. Starkissed

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