Kayla-Lana Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Layla
Intimacy Level: TBA

Season OneEdit

In Starkissed, Kayla Winter and Lana Menaz meet in the Lima Bean. Later Lana and Kayla are entering the choir room to audition for the glee club. They are seen to becoming close friends.

In Duets, Kayla and Lana were paired in the duets contest. after they perform their duet something was left in the air.

In Moving On, Kayla witnesses the confrontation between Brandon Cole and Lana. Kayla helps the boys by singing a song to Lana to help her.

In Stronger , Kayla watches Lana as she plays the drums as Blake Johnson sings Movies. Later in study hall Blake, Gabe and Stefano catch Kayla stealing looks of Lana. Kayla texts Lana for her to meet her at the Lima Bean. They go see a movie and end up making out.

In Rave On, it is revealed that Kayla has been avoiding Lana since the movies. At the rave Lana sees Kayla making out with a random guy. Devlin had to drag Lana out before a fight could start.

In Breaking Even, Sofia Blair tricks Kayla into thinking that Lana had slept with her causing Kayla to slap Lana. Lana rushes off and Kayla follows her. Lana tells her she didn't sleep with Sofia but she had the chance with Amelia Daniellus but she didn't take it. Kayla kisses Lana and asks her to give her time.