Amelia Daniellus
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Light Brown
Aliases: Mei (Lana Menaz)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Lana Menaz (ex-girlfriend)
Brandon Cole (ex-boyfriend)
Sexuality: Bi
Friends: The New Directions
Enemies: The Fusion Breakers
Other Information
Interests: Song writing
Clique: Gleeks
Theatre Dept.
Talent: Can sing almost anything but loves show tunes and pop songs that have meaning
Vulnerabilities: Her feelings for Lana Menaz
Strengths: Nice
speaks her mind
Weaknesses: Her Mind
Series Information
First appearance: Meet the Wonder Years
Portrayer: Adani23

Amelia DaniellusEdit

Amelia is portrayed by Adani23. Amelia will make her first appearance in Meet the Wonder Years.


 Amelia dated Lana from the last year of middle school to the second month of her freshman year of high school. They broke up because Lana had to move. Amelia is currently dating Brandon Cole.

Season OneEdit


Amelia is generally a Nice, outgoing person. She speaks her mind which gets her into trouble sometimes and loves being the centre of attention. She is also friendly towards most people.




Amelia has Light Brown long hair, with one Blonde streak down the left side of her hair, which she Wears down most of the time. She also Has a unique but trendy style. She is Slim with Brown eyes.



Solos In DuetsEdit

Solos In Group NumbersEdit

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